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Back Pain

Tackle Back Pain Early

February 28, 20241 min read

Are you ignoring your low back pain (LBP) – or masking the pain temporarily with over-the-counter pain medication? That's two mistakes that can lead to chronic LBP – pain that lasts more than a few months and is tough to resolve.

In fact, according to new research, once your back pain becomes chronic, your chances of getting rid of it are much lower, which makes early intervention / prevention – for example, with chiropractic care – a great choice, whether you're experiencing LBP or want to reduce your risk of experiencing it.

An international research team reviewed nearly 100 studies that investigated low back pain of various durations, including chronic LBP (pain lasting 12-52 weeks). People with persistent low back pain continued to experience moderate to high levels of pain and disability, with minimal improvement over time, compared to people with LBP that lasted for shorter time frames. On the other hand, people with LBP of shorter duration ("acute" pain, lasting less than six weeks) were more likely to recover quicker and more completely.

The takeaway is clear: Tackle your back pain early! That means two things: going to your chiropractor whenever you experience low back pain; and visiting your chiropractor periodically, even when you're not in pain, so you can prevent pain from starting in the first place. Now that's a win-win for your health and wellness.


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Dr. Erik Bliss D.C., CCSP, FASA

Dr. Erik Bliss is not just a chiropractor; he's a wellness enthusiast on a mission to empower individuals to live their healthiest lives. With over two decades of experience in chiropractic care, nutrition, and holistic therapies, he's dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge to inspire and inform others. As a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and a leading expert in gentle treatments, Dr. Bliss brings a unique perspective to health and wellness. His passion for research and commitment to community well-being have made him a sought-after speaker in schools, businesses, and community groups. When he's not helping his patients or conducting research, you'll find Dr. Bliss exploring the great outdoors with his family, indulging in his favorite sports, or actively participating in his local church. Through his blog contributions, he hopes to make the journey to optimal health a bit more accessible for everyone, one insightful article at a time. Join him on a wellness adventure filled with knowledge, inspiration, and a dose of bliss.

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